Become part of a community

What is a community exactly?

A community is a fellowship of friends, where different cultures and backgrounds meet. It’s a place where old and new Groningers come together in groups of 5 by 5 and learn from each other. An enrichment! Equality, social network and relationships are of central focus in a community.

As a community, you’ll be able to decide for yourself about the frequency of your gatherings and what you will do. This can range from cooking together to climbing the Martini tower! Signing up for a community will automatically make you a buddy of someone in your group. With this, one-on-one contact will be stimulated.

Like to join?

Groningen Welcomes makes sure that communities will be formed and will guide them for a time. Besides, our foundation will try to come up with interesting and fun activities and events. We’re also working on getting discounts for various activities, so be sure to check out our site now and then! 

Every year you pay €20 for the cost of shared activities. If this is a problem, let us know!

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